Energy Efficiency is widely recognized as being the first fuel. There is scope for almost all energy users to reduce their energy use, costs and carbon footprint through energy efficiency.

port energy efficiency

8020Green offers experience in consulting to and assisting energy users from a wide range of sectors reduce their energy use, including:

  • Agriculture (dairies, orchards, wineries)
  • Entertainment (cinema, theatre, leisure centres)
  • Government services (offices, libraries, leisure centres, child care)
  • Hospitality (restaurants, cafes, hotels)
  • Manufacturing (chemical, metals fabrication, plastics moulding, food processing)
  • Retail (shopping centres, retail outlets)
  • Transport and logistics (airports, sea ports, warehouses)

Effective government policy is a key enabler of energy efficiency; 8020 Green provides policy consultation services

“I would commend 8020Green to you for its strong commitment to achieving greenhouse gas abatement, deep knowledge of energy efficiency, ability to persuade energy users to take action, and wide experience.” Thierry Nervale, Deputy Director Oceans & Maritime, Pacific Community (SPC), commenting on 8020Green’s work on reducing the carbon footprint’s of ports in the Pacific.