Sustainability as an investment
rather than a cost

The consequences of this approach however are missed
opportunities to grow a business.


Fiji Ports : Sustainability investments have cut costs, resulted in international recognition, and improved staff engagement.

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Making sustainability efforts effective

The 8020 rule – also known as the Pareto principle – says that effort and reward are imbalanced. On the one hand you can put in a lot of effort and get meagre results. On the other hand some small, focused effort may yield large results.

This rule applies in all areas – for example 80% of a businesses profit will typically come from 20% of its customers – including in sustainability activities. 

Sustainability efforts – poorly done – mean that that a lot of effort put into sustainability actions yields meagre, or even negligible, business efforts. Examples include the bulk of sustainability budgets being spent on reporting, or budgets mostly focussed on measurements of carbon emissions.

Making sustainability efforts effective means recognizing the importance of the 8020rule, and applying it. 

8020Green makes your sustainability efforts effective, applying the Pareto principle, and transforming sustainability from being an expense to a being a valuable investment.


We understand the typical frustration that sustainability efforts often feel like a drain on time and resources with little to show for it. That’s why we take a different approach.

Employing the proven 8020 principle, we analyze your business to identify the highest-impact areas for sustainability improvement. This laser focus means less wasted effort and faster, more significant results.

We blend management consulting expertise with deep sustainability knowledge to deliver a unique service that unlocks untapped potential within your business


Our expertise lies in turning your sustainability ambitions into a source of growth,
cost savings, and competitive advantage.

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