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8020Green aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of energy.

8020Green is operated by Bruce Rowse


“Bruce has the gift of being able to see a very clear picture – discern what is important – take logical steps – create a plan – and then follow through to execute the plan. He has a methodical approach which is solution oriented and is willing to go way outside the square and then persist to deliver the objective. He has the ability, the courage, to clearly lay out a plan – a course of action and the ability to convey a clear factual picture to others for the benefit of others.” Geoff Williames, Managing Director, Williames Pty Ltd.

“Bruce has a quick mind, good memory, and a skill base that goes deep (specifics, technical stuff) and wide (capacity to translate what he knows into different situations/industries/contexts)” Claire Dawson, Writer | Speaker | Careers and HR Practitioner

“I have known Bruce for over 30 years. Bruce possesses a very high level of intelligence, and wants to make a difference to others. This shows through in who he is and in everything that he has done and is doing.” Simon Meade, CEO, Strategy1 HR.

Bruce is a mechanical engineer with an MBA who has worked in project management, business development, consulting, business management. His consulting experience covers  a wide range of sectors, including education (schools, higher education), government (local, state, federal), health care (hospitals, health services), chemical manufacturing, food manufacturing, hospitality (hotels, restaurants, cafes), leisure and entertainment (swimming pools, indoor sports, stadiums, cinemas), maritime (ports, ships), agriculture (dairy, fruit growing) and commerce (warehouses).

He also has direct experience as a business owner, having founded, operated and eventually sold energy efficiency consultancy CarbonetiX.

He has worked in Africa, Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific for a range of organisations from SMEs through to not for profits and governments. Bruce has a strong interest in energy efficiency policy, and helped contribute to the Malaysian five year development plan 2016-2020 with respect to energy efficiency.

Bruce is a member of AS/NZS committee EN001, and contributed to the writing of AS/NZS AS 3598, 2014.

He delivers training for the Energy Efficiency Council and is an assessor for AIRAH (Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating). Bruce is a regular guest lecturer at RMIT University and Melbourne University.

He is a Level 4 instructor for the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) and is chair of their Extended Training Committee.

Bruce on LinkedIn

8020Green Pty Ltd
2/26 George Street,
Frankston, Vic., 3199
ABN 87 602 262 680

Bruce Rowse, Founder 8020Green Expert Knowledge in Sustainability Consulting and Energy Training

Expert Knowledge

Hi, I'm Bruce Rowse, the founder of 8020Green. For 20 years and in over 10 countries, I’ve provided sustainability consulting and energy efficiency training to the clean energy industry

Sustainability Consulting that leverages over 20 years' of sustainability consulting experience

Sustainability Consulting

I've worked with Government's and large organisations around the world on sustainability projects such as drafting policy and Sustainability Master Plan development

Energy Training that builds energy industry sustainability skills and the capacity for sustainability in the workplace

Energy Training

I have many years' experience in developing and delivering engaging face-to-face and online training and education courses for professionals in the clean energy industry across a wide range of subjects

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