Sustainability Perspectives

Here are three interesting sustainability perspectives, from the Sustainability Education Academy. Neeta Ramnath: Sustainability – From Compliance to Value Driver. Sustainability is clearly at the center of the agenda for the corporate world. But has it really taken center stage? If one follows the career discussions in Sustainability, the focus has remained largely around compliance

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Energy Conservation, Google Ads, COVID19 and The Lorax

The streets have been deserted for weeks during the latest COVID lockdown. So why aren’t commercial and industrial facilities acting to conserve energy while it’s quiet? It may be because energy is viewed as a fixed cost, rather than a variable one you have direct control over. How can we make energy conservation easier? Data

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4 Sustainability Career Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Do any of these sustainability career challenges resonate with you? Stuck on the “solar coaster” Being the token “green” person Your good advice is unheeded Nowhere to go. If they do, spend a couple of moments reflecting on what you can do about it. The suggestions below may help, whether you an employee or run

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EOFY energy training

Would you like to learn how you can inexpensively cut energy usage and cost in your buildings? This EOFY training, delivered virtually in a live session, could be just for you! Pay now, attend the training in early July Course Name Description Cost When (AEST) Save Energy using Interval Data Learn how to use interval

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What is the Importance of Energy Efficiency in the COVID-19 Recovery?

It’s probably more than you realise, easier than you think and provides ongoing benfits in ways you’ve perhaps never considered… Energy efficiency was born in the economic crisis of skyrocketing oil prices in the 1970s, and as we face another crisis from COVID-19 once again it can play a role in the recovery. Energy efficiency – born

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Energy Efficient or Energy Efficiency? 28 Term Definitions

Using the term energy efficiency (noun) or energy efficient (adjective) can mean many different things! Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency = rooftop solar. Yep. When I tell people I work in energy efficiency often the response is, “oh, so you work with solar systems.” Energy efficiency = the first fuel. A term used by those frustrated

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Energy Efficiency Grants – 5 tips to get the most from these grants

Energy efficiency grants are sometimes made available by governments. For example, through the Australian governments energy efficiency community grants program. Are you considering applying for one? Perhaps to fund an energy audit or energy efficiency assessment, or to move ahead with implementing energy saving measures. Maybe you have already received the grant. Here are 5

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Advantages and Disadvantages of an Energy Audit

In broad terms an energy audit (or water audit) involves collecting and analysing billing data for all energy sources and determining total energy usage, a site analysis to identify where energy is used and energy savings opportunities, doing calculations to estimate the cost/benefit of the energy savings opportunities, and producing and presenting a report which

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Energy Efficiency Strategy – meeting room or plant room?

Energy efficiency strategy which is effective will result in ongoing energy savings. But does this start in the meeting room? Or in the plant room? Being able to identify and quantify energy efficiency opportunities requires good technical knowledge. And technicians may be much more comfortable in the plant room than in the meeting room. But

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