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Energy Efficient or Energy Efficiency? 28 Term Definitions

Using the term energy efficiency (noun) or energy efficient (adjective) can mean many different things! Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency = rooftop solar. Yep. When I tell people I work in energy efficiency often the response is, “oh, so you work with solar systems.” Energy efficiency = the first fuel. A term used by those frustrated

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5 Tips for Getting the Most From Energy Efficiency Grants

Are you considering applying for an energy efficiency grant? Perhaps to fund an energy audit or energy efficiency assessment, or to move ahead with implementing energy saving measures. Maybe you have already receivedthe grant. Here are 5 ways you can maximise the energy saving results of your grant.  5 tips to getting the greatest value from

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Meeting Room vs Plant Room – Where do you Start Energy Efficiency?

Being able to identify and quantify energy efficiency opportunities requires good technical knowledge. And technicians may be much more comfortable in the plant room than in the meeting room. But is that the best place to start energy efficiency? The case for the plant room. Actual energy savings opportunities are identified in the plant room.

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