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Emissions Reduction: The Bright Future of a Commodity Going South

The state of Victoria, in the south east of Australia, is similar to many western nations in that the use of electricity from centralized electricity generators on the grid is on the wane, as illustrated in the graph below, and is a leading cause of emissions reduction. Electricity consumption is down 17% compared with 2008

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Reducing Carbon Emissions vs Turnbull’s Risky Base-Load Coal Bet

Reducing carbon emissions is a scientific imperative, yet yesterday (1 February) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that Australia needed more synchronous base-load power, and that we would continue to use coal for many decades. He stated that “it is clear that the coalition stands for cheaper energy” and that “we are approaching this issue clear-eyed,

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RIP Rooftop Solar (2009 – 2016)

At current trends 2016 will be the last year in which new rooftop solar makes much of an impact on Australia’s carbon emissions. There is a widening gap between the rhetoric about solar and the performance of the rooftop solar industry, which is now in hospital with its vital signs not looking great. A key

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