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Introduction to Energy Measurement and Metering

Energy metering is an important part of M&V, particularly when using options A and B, and an understanding of metering can also be useful when undertaking energy audits.

This “touch and feel” training on metering covers electricity, gas, flow, and thermal metering and measurement. Participants will get to examine and inspect meters as part of the training.

Energy Metering Training

Covering one day, the course provides introductory guidance on meter selection, installation, calibration and data collection and validation. Meter accuracy will be discussed, along with techniques for reducing the costs of measurements.

Techniques for quickly manipulating data files will also be presented, along with guidance on data collection intervals and the development of a metering plan.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course participants will:

  1. Be able to develop a metering plan
  2. Have inspected meters for electricity, gas, flow and thermal metering and measurement.
  3. For each type of measurement (electrical energy, gas energy, flow, temperature) be aware of safety requirements for meter installation, operation and removal.
  4. For each type of measurement (electrical energy, gas energy, flow, temperature) understand calibration requirements and issues around meter accuracy
  5. Be familiar with the application and limitations of range of meter types.
  6. Be able to manipulate raw data files to obtain useful data.
  7. Participate in discussions about the practical use of metering with other participants.

This course has been developed for the Energy Efficiency Council, for training in Australia contact the Energy Efficiency Council, for delivery elsewhere please contact us.

Next training date & registration

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