Energy / water audits and assessments

An energy (or water) audit involves an analysis of how much energy you use, developing a breakdown of where it is used, and identifies and quantifies (costs, benefits) a range of energy saving opportunities. Typically greenhouse gas savings potential is also identified. In Australia, energy audits undertaken to AS/NZS AS3598:2014 follow a robust methodology to assure audit quality. There are three types of AS/NZS AS3598:2014 audits to suit different circumstances. They provide the greatest benefit when undertaken within the context of an energy master plan or sustainability master plan.

energy audit
Energy assessment

Internationally ISO 50002 is the recognised energy audit standard.

An energy (or water) assessment is suited to smaller facilities, or to get a very rough idea of where opportunities to reduce energy use may exist. It comprises of a quick walk through of the facility followed by a brief report.

I’d love to apply what I’ve learnt in undertaking energy audits (to AS/NZS 3598 and ISO 50002) and assessments of over 1,000 buildings in eight different countries to help you.

And if you are planning on commissioning an energy and/or water audit, please get in touch beforehand, to discuss your objectives and resources. Far too many energy audits remain nothing more than reports, with no action taken on the recommendations in them, and I’d like to help you avoid this happening, before you commission the audit.