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How to Stop Climate Change and Moisés Naím’s “The End of Power”

“From boardrooms to battlefields and churches, to states, why being in charge isn’t what it used to be.” For those of us who are interested in how to stop climate change this simple sentence provides insights into why it seems such a struggle. The theme of this 2013 book by Moisés Naím is that power

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What Rooftop Solar Companies Can Do to Survive and Thrive Without Incentives

In some developed economies around the world the solar business is getting tougher, much tougher, as policy support ratchets back. In Australia this has been well underway for 3 years, and the number of rooftop solar installations in 2015 was roughly one third of what it was in 2011. Sure, the average system size has

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RIP Rooftop Solar (2009 – 2016)

At current trends 2016 will be the last year in which new rooftop solar makes much of an impact on Australia’s carbon emissions. There is a widening gap between the rhetoric about solar and the performance of the rooftop solar industry, which is now in hospital with its vital signs not looking great. A key

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8020 Thinking Applied to Achieving 100% Renewable Energy

The state of Victoria has invited public consultation on its Renewable Energy Roadmap (now closed): My response to this consultation is below, focused on how 8020 thinking can be applied to achieving 100% renewable energy. 80-20 thinking applied to the Victorian Renewable Energy Roadmap The Victorian government is to be applauded for its consultation on

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