Serious about reducing emissions? Maximise performance and results with sustainability consulting

Sustainability Consulting

Expert sustainability consultant services and sustainability strategy developmentTapping into the experience, good and bad, of a sustainability consultant who has worked with many organisations to help them reduce the environmental harm from their emissions and wastage may save a lot of time, money and heartache.

A sustainability consultant can help you better understand the problems, set attainable goals with the resources you have available, and take action to achieve most practical solutions.

I really enjoy the challenge of helping governments and businesses improve the performance of their sustainability strategies (and often their financial performance too) in a way that provides tangible value.

Sustainability Master Planning

The Sustainability Master Planning service applies the 80/20 principle in order to improve the effectiveness - and results - of enterprise level sustainability programs

Water or Energy Audit / Assessment

Water or Energy Audits or Assessments identify the approach that best aligns with an organization's objectives and identify measures that deliver the greatest savings

Measurement & Verification QA

Measurement & Verification (M&V) of energy efficiency upgrades determines savings. A low cost Quality Assurance of M&V can have an outsized impact on financial performance

The 80 / 20 rule - or Pareto's Principle - says that reward and effort are out of balance, with 20% of effort producing 80% of results, or 80% of effort producing just a 20% result. The challenge is in figuring out what's really important - and identifying those things that are not. That's where access to expert knowledge and experience can make the difference between expdending 80% effort or creating an 80% impact. If you have an opportunity to act on reducing emissions, I invite you to reach out for a conversation and we can explore together how to apply 8020 analysis and thinking to ensure you maximise results.

8020Green uses 80/20 analysis and thinking to providers of sustainable business energy products and services.

8020 analysis – an analytical approach that uses quantitative data to link cause to effect to identify the “important few” from the “trivial many”

8020 thinking – a somewhat intuitive process of looking behind the data to establish the causes behind this, enabling step improvements

Bruce Rowse, Founder 8020Green Expert Knowledge in Sustainability Consulting and Energy Training

Expert Knowledge

Hi, I'm Bruce Rowse, the founder of 8020Green. For 20 years and in over 10 countries, I’ve provided sustainability consulting and energy efficiency training to the clean energy industry

Sustainability Consulting that leverages over 20 years' of sustainability consulting experience

Sustainability Consulting

I've worked with Government's and large organisations around the world on sustainability projects such as drafting policy and Sustainability Master Plan development

Energy Training that builds energy industry sustainability skills and the capacity for sustainability in the workplace

Energy Training

I have many years' experience in developing and delivering engaging face-to-face and online training and education courses for professionals in the clean energy industry across a wide range of subjects

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