Serious about reducing emissions? Maximise performance and results with sustainability consulting

Energy Audit Services – Melbourne or Sydney

An energy audit helps to:

  • prioritise and know exactly what you need to do to achieve energy and carbon savings
  • upon implementation, reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions
  • see how much you’ll need to spend – and what you can expect to save

A professional energy audit will:

  • analyse how much energy you use and show you where it is used
  • identify and quantify (costs and benefits analysis) a range of energy saving opportunities
  • typically identify greenhouse gas saving potential

An auditor wanting to MAXIMIZE your SAVINGS will:

  • align the audit or assessment with your goals and capacity
  • undertake audits to a recognised standard – in Australia either AS/NZS 3598.1 (2014) Commercial Energy Audits or AS/NZS 3598.2 (2014) Industrial Energy Audits
  • conduct a site assessment, perform analysis and provide a detailed report
  • identify likely desired and undesired consequences of a particular upgrade – and undertake calculations to quantify them
  • give you up to date advice on specific technologies
  • help you avoid investments in well-marketed technologies with dubious energy saving potential
  • advise you on government incentives available for energy efficiency
  • go beyond the audit to assist in implementing the report’s recommendations

Leverage real-world experience and trusted expertise

Get greater value from your audit – from technical ability to engagement and communication. Bruce Rowse has conducted over 1,000 building assessments and is an accomplished sustainability consultant and energy industry professional trainer. 8020Green has wide experience in assisting its customers successfully reduce their energy use and carbon footprint, across 8 countries. These services suit organisations that are:

  • mid-to-large size (with energy costs of at least $30K per annum)
  • from the commercial and government sectors
  • serious about saving energy

How can I help? Get in touch and let’s discuss!

    Are you eligible for an energy efficiency grant?


    • would you like to learn more about available energy efficiency grants?
    • need assistance with applying for a grant?
    • want to make the best use of grant funding you’ve received?

    8020Green uses 80/20 analysis and thinking to providers of sustainable business energy products and services.

    8020 analysis – an analytical approach that uses quantitative data to link cause to effect to identify the “important few” from the “trivial many”

    8020 thinking – a somewhat intuitive process of looking behind the data to establish the causes behind this, enabling step improvements

    Bruce Rowse, Founder 8020Green Expert Knowledge in Sustainability Consulting and Energy Training

    Expert Knowledge

    Hi, I'm Bruce Rowse, the founder of 8020Green. For 20 years and in over 10 countries, I’ve provided sustainability consulting and energy efficiency training to the clean energy industry

    Sustainability Consulting that leverages over 20 years' of sustainability consulting experience

    Sustainability Consulting

    I've worked with Government's and large organisations around the world on sustainability projects such as drafting policy and Sustainability Master Plan development

    Energy Training that builds energy industry sustainability skills and the capacity for sustainability in the workplace

    Energy Training

    I have many years' experience in developing and delivering engaging face-to-face and online training and education courses for professionals in the clean energy industry across a wide range of subjects

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