Sustainability Master Planning

Improving the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives

As a business or local government you want to become more environmentally sustainable, but how can you do that in the most effective way, making best use of your own money or grant funding?

It should be easy to be more sustainable, but the road of good intentions is paved with wrecks:

  • Failed rainwater tank systems installed on community facilities such as kindergartens.
  • Those energy audits generated so much excitement when they were undertaken… but so few of the recommendations were implemented.
  • The ambition of becoming carbon neutral, but without a clear plan on how to get there and how to measure progress.
  • Sustainability budgets spent on tracking hundreds of electricity and water accounts to monitor performance, but no money and no people left over to improve performance.
  • A rush at the end of the financial year to spend the remaining budget, meaning your focus is on spending budget, and not necessarily on outcomes.

If you’d like your sustainability efforts to become more effective I’d love to apply my wide skills and experience to help you.

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Sustainability Master Planning Consulting with Fiji Ports
Workshop undertaken as part of the development of a Green Port Master Plan for Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd, and the launch of their sustainability initiative, August 2019.