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Sustainability Perspectives

Here are three interesting sustainability perspectives, from the Sustainability Education Academy.

Neeta Ramnath: Sustainability – From Compliance to Value Driver. Sustainability is clearly at the center of the agenda for the corporate world. But has it really taken center stage? If one follows the career discussions in Sustainability, the focus has remained largely around compliance (with a few exceptions). This is clearly an opportunity lost – sustainability needs to move from ‘Compliance’ to ‘Value’… Read more here.

What I find interesting: The value driver , going beyond compliance, is one that is gradually, little by little, becoming more recognized. Neeta gives some great examples.

Todd LeVasseur: Expanding the Understanding and Definition of a “Sustainability Manager”. Despite the need for sustainability, it appears those hiring for sustainability managers and experts still hold a limited understanding of sustainability… Read more here.

What I find interesting: Todd has clearly thought a lot about this topic, and presents a broader humanistic sustainability perspectives.

Lucinda Joura: 6 High-Paying Jobs in Sustainability. Sustainability is a growing trend in business and industry, especially in a post-COVID world. As more and more companies develop new positions and roles to implement sustainable practices, careers in sustainability are increasing and becoming more lucrative. Learn more about six high-paying jobs in sustainability… Read more here.

What I find interesting: At long last sustainability expertise is starting to be more broadly recognized and valued!

Sustainability Perspectives: Air Conditioning and Building Design

Two more sustainability perspectives involves recognizing the global sustainability challenge of air conditioning, and poor building design as a contributor to this. As incomes rise globally, air conditioning becomes an affordable luxury. Then, with global warming, and as more people congregate in cities heat island effects, such as those seen in western Sydney, mean that air conditioning is no longer a luxury, but an essential. As most of the world is still powered predominantly by fossil fuels (including Sydney), more air conditioning means more carbon emissions, and more global warming, and the warming then leading to greater demand for air conditioning.

Sustainability Perspectives - Air conditioning is a major challenge
Air Conditioning uses a lot of energy and the rapid growth in air conditioning usage is a significant global sustainability challenge.

Well designed buildings built in accordance with passive design principles reduce the need for air conditioning, and may eliminate it totally. But for existing buildings retrofitting insulation, shading and sealing can be a significant undertaking. And buildings of particularly poor design, such as the one in the image above, need significant capital investment to be able to cut down on the demand for air conditioning.

Lets not underestimate the massive sustainability challenges humanity is facing!

If your company is struggling to move forward with sustainability, consider stepping back and engaging in sustainability master planning.

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