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Energy Efficient or Energy Efficiency? 28 Term Definitions

Using the term energy efficiency (noun) or energy efficient (adjective) can mean many different things! Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency = rooftop solar. Yep. When I tell people I work in energy efficiency often the response is, “oh, so you work with solar systems.” Energy efficiency = the first fuel. A term used by those frustrated

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5 Tips for Getting the Most From Energy Efficiency Grants

Are you considering applying for an energy efficiency grant? Perhaps to fund an energy audit or energy efficiency assessment, or to move ahead with implementing energy saving measures. Maybe you have already receivedthe grant. Here are 5 ways you can maximise the energy saving results of your grant.  5 tips to getting the greatest value from

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Advantages and Disadvantages of an Energy Audit

In broad terms an energy audit (or water audit) involves collecting and analysing billing data for all energy sources and determining total energy usage, a site analysis to identify where energy is used and energy savings opportunities, doing calculations to estimate the cost/benefit of the energy savings opportunities, and producing and presenting a report which

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Meeting Room vs Plant Room – Where do you Start Energy Efficiency?

Being able to identify and quantify energy efficiency opportunities requires good technical knowledge. And technicians may be much more comfortable in the plant room than in the meeting room. But is that the best place to start energy efficiency? The case for the plant room. Actual energy savings opportunities are identified in the plant room.

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All Aboard for Port Sustainability

Ports are typically associated with the economy. Think of a port and you might think of shipping containers, economic activity, the transfer of goods from sea to land. But there is strong interest from some port authorities in making their ports more sustainable, and in order to do this effectively you need to get everyone

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The Bright Future of a Commodity Going South

The state of Victoria, in the south east of Australia, is similar to many western nations in that the use of electricity from centralized electricity generators on the grid is on the wane, as illustrated in the graph below. Electricity consumption is down 17% compared with 2008 levels, and peak demand also seems to be

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Do We Need Coal Power Stations for Grid Frequency Stability?

Last year’s 1 in 50 year storm in South Australia which knocked out transmission lines and cut power to the state bought a new term to the debate about the reliability of renewable power – “frequency”. After the loss of the transmission line wind turbines went off line, as they were designed to, one of

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Mr. Turnbull’s Dangerous Gamble on Base-Load Coal

Yesterday (1 February) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that Australia needed more synchronous baseload power, and that we would continue to use coal for many decades. He stated that “it is clear that the coalition stands for cheaper energy” and that “we are approaching this issue clear-eyed, pragmatic and objective.” Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

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